Ronak Doshi

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for all of your assistance throughout my journey of learning interior designing with this online course. My tutor, Wendi, was very good, qualified and extremely helpful. Whenever I had a problem, she was always there to resolve it right away. I have been able to acquire a deeper understanding of the art of interior designing.

I really appreciate this online teaching for their clear instructions, illustrations and guidance. The variety and the different modules made the whole experience even more interesting and inspiring.

I think this is a very influential concept that makes me more comfortable being myself as an interior design student. I have become more observant of my own process of creating and designing and I am aware that I need to strike a balance between my creation and practical use.

I have always had an eye for functional aesthetics. I love pushing the creative boundaries while keeping to trends. The Interior Design Institute helped me transition from a career in education to following my passion in interior design. They enabled me to further develop my skills in decorating, to applying design principles in different projects.

Shruti Sethi

The Interior Design Institute offered me exactly what I was looking for - a well structured course with a brilliant balance of technical and practical aspects of interior design.

Being a mother of an active toddler, flexibility was essential to pursue my studies. The Interior Design Institute, offered me this flexibility to learn interior design from the comfort of my own home, at a time convenient for me.

With constant guidance and encouragement from my Tutor, I thoroughly enjoyed working on each of the 12 Modules and Assignments. The assessment system was very comprehensive, with a detailed review of the submitted assignments and helpful suggestions for further reading on the subject.

In addition to the support and inspiration from my tutor, the vast IDI Student Support Group, constantly provided me the much needed nudge and motivation throughout my IDI journey.

Having now completed the course, I’m confident that the diploma will help steer my career in the right direction in becoming a successful interior designer.

Manja El Masri

My journey started a year ago when I was working full time in the online travel industry and decided that I wanted to switch careers and prepare that important move with a professional diploma.

I searched quite a bit and the Interior Design Institute spoke exactly my language. And I mean that literally. I loved the way you immediately feel welcome when you visit the site, the communication style you experience when dealing with the support team but most importantly it’s the style of how the course is designed and written is what made me want to join the Interior Design Institute as a student.

If you work full time with a company or with your kids, you will still be able to study. It’s at your own pace and rhythm, you get access to 1 of 12 modules, you read through them (about 60 to 80-page pdf files) and you work on your assignments - which are really tough by the way. You get a tutor assigned to you who will rate your assignment, give you valuable feedback and supports you whenever you have questions.

The text in the modules is very well written, you get a good mix of visuals, examples and explanations.

I decided on the Masterseries with Darren Palmer and I can’t rave enough about it. I am so glad I took this decision. Money can’t pay for his view and advice. What you get is a video for each module and it helped me connect the dots. The text came to life with Darren as he talks you through why it is important to learn the respective module and what you use it for.

I’ll be honest. Not every module was my favourite. I am not a big history fan and I had to push myself going through each design style and period. The video of Darren really helped motivate me and gave me a different perspective. So I’ll definitely recommend that.

Having a tutor and also access to the Facebook group of the interior design students was brilliant, as you realize you’re not alone and you can do it! Not to mention the valuable network you’ll be able to create.

As you can tell - I am very happy with the course and I recommended it to many friends. Get started today!

Shiela Sioco Hara

Interior designing is my passion, but living from one country to another has made it was impossible for me to fulfill my dream to become an Interior Designer because I do not have enough time and I don’t stay in just one place. But thanks to IDI, my dream has been fulfilled.

The course is very structured, full of knowledge and very flexible which is very good for every one who has no time like me, although it has been very challenging at times, overall it's a great journey and a good way to prepare every Student to give them a solid background to enter the Industry.

My tutor always giving me helpful feedback that motivates and inspires me to pursue my dream.

The student support system was very responsive and always ready to answer every query.

The course gave me a better understanding of the Design Industry and as a Graduate I am confident enough to start my career as an Interior Designer.

Thank you IDI!

Nattanun Panyathanakun

The interior design institute has given me an opportunity to pursue my interest in interior design. I appreciated the flexibility of the online course which allowed me to learn at my own pace. The course is perfect for students to learn about the industry as well as get hands on experience in planning and designing.

The content of the course was thorough, as it covered a wide range of topics - from history and culture to practical designing skills. Because it was an online programme, the course materials were very important. Fortunately, the materials provided by the Institute were helpful and informative. The examples provided in the course materials were easy to relate to.

The tutors were very helpful and responsive. They were able to answer my questions and provide valuable feedback to each of my assignment. I found the feedback useful as it made learning more interactive as well as giving me tips on how to improve.

Overall, I would recommend this course for anyone looking to learn more about interior design as the course content is comprehensive, giving you an all-rounded view of the industry.

Chew Si Ying

Structured, Informative, Responsive, and Flexibility, are four words I would gladly use to describe my journey with The Interior Design Institute.

The structure of the modules are well taken care of, and is designed to help build up my Interior Design knowledge progressively. The modules are also very informative! Do not even fret about not having the standard, skill or knowledge to complete the challenging assignments, for you have a really responsive and encouraging tutor, and a community that share the same passion as you on Facebook. I was actually surprised to see how active and open everyone was, sharing ideas and how people progressed through peer motivation.

No reasons to skip this course given its flexibility. It took me approximately 9 months to complete this course as I wanted to do more each time I completed a Module. Whether it's to kick-start a career, or just for personal development, I would say this course is definitely worth a try. It has boosted my confidence and I am now ready and open to take up challenges in this creative industry.

Megha Silvano

With this course I was able to build a professional profile for my passion. This is not just any online course that you find, as each and every module is carefully designed with comprehensive material.

All the assignments involve a good understanding of the course and require both theoretical and practical approach. Due to the flexibility of timing I was able to do each and every assignment with full concentration without the hurry of completing it.

My tutor always provided helpful feedback and comments that kept my enthusiasm up and I improved with that in my later assignments. The useful information provided by her was not only beneficial for the course but will come in handy when I go for real work in this industry.

This course has helped me get a better insight and understanding to begin a career in this field. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a keen interest in interior design.


Charles Dominguez

The Interior Design Institute has given me the knowledge and courage to pursue my dream career of being a professional Interior Designer. The course has provided me with invaluable understanding of the Interior Design profession while allowing me to have hands on experience in designing and planning and interior space with the modules so expertly devised.

It was a tough 12 months, especially with it being an online course. You will be tempted to procrastinate, however, if your passion for Interior Design is true, you will find a way to complete the modules within the given time.

The assistance given to me by my tutor and the student support team were immensely helpful to understand the modules better. I felt comfortable asking my tutor any questions I had. The comments my tutor gave were constructive and concise, allowing me to better grasp the concept the modules taught me.

Joining the IDI social media sites gave me a sense of belonging as I found comfort in knowing there were people all over the world, of all ages, doing the same modules as I am. Exchanging design ideas, networking and inspiring each other, students like me greatly supported each other in the groups as we made our own individual way through learning the craft.

With the confidence I gained from the IDI course, I was able to acquire a job in an Interior Design firm in Singapore and the knowledge I gained greatly assisted me with the projects I have been doing so far for the firm.

Amrutha Devadas

I am feeling delighted and more confident about the choice of the course with the Interior Design Institute. It gave me tremendous insight into the creative and exciting world of interior Design and how you can transform a space beautifully.

A few words, for those who are rethinking to select this course or not, I will say, you must go ahead and do it as it is very flexible, giving you the benefit of pursuing the course at your convenience. There are tremendous resources available on the site, which you can make use of as a Student or as an Interior Designer.

As you embark the journey, you will find that your tutor is of immense help, assisting you with your course , providing you right guidance, indispensable knowledge and resources. The Student group is so active that you don't have wait to hear a reply from them. Last but not the least, the Facebook Student group, has your peers who are just there when you need advice and help, as you progress through your course.

The course has been so well organized starting from the basics of Interior design to how you can take it professionally. I found the modules very interesting, challenging and wanting to do more every time I finished a module. I am sure that everyone who takes up the course will start appreciating it, the moment you are hands on with the course. I have started to appreciate my skills with drawing, color and space planning that I have decided to start my career as an Interior Designer.

Chakapongse Pramkaew

I have always been interested in Interior Design and I was thrilled to find out about this course, as it promised to provide the student with the insight and foundation of Interior Design with the ability for students to study at their own pace.

The course materials were well written and included "local examples" (in my case Singapore), in order to make the reader able to relate and understand the information better. Not only that, in each chapter it would include practical examples along with the Module which helped teach me how an Interior Designer would think.

Each of the twelve assignments were clear and we could always ask for assistance when we did not understand the task well. My personal tutor and support team were always quick to reply and provided me with great assistance. This resulted in each assignment submission being a smooth experience for me.

I would strongly recommend this course for anyone that has an interest in Interior Design as this course will provide you with great knowledge through a flexible learning approach.

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